How to Prepare for a House Cleaner: A Comprehensive Guide

You may be wondering how to prepare for a house cleaner. Home cleanliness is a crucial aspect of our lives that we often overlook due to our busy schedules.

Thankfully, professional house cleaners can take this burden off our shoulders. But to get the best out of their services, we must know how to prepare for house cleaners.

This guide will walk you through the process of preparing your home for a professional cleaning service, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning experience. Most house cleaners will agree on the following points.

Understanding the Role of House Cleaners

A house cleaner, whether part of a home cleaning service or an independent contractor, is a professional who specializes in cleaning homes.

They come equipped with the necessary tools and products to clean your home thoroughly. However, they do not organize personal items or handle special, delicate belongings.

They focus on cleaning the surfaces and spaces of your home that are accessible and free from clutter.

Preparing Your Home for House Cleaning Services

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Preparing your home for cleaning companies involves a few key steps.

Here’s an overview of what to expect for the scheduled cleaning time:

  1. Research Your Housecleaning service: Understand what your chosen cleaning service covers. Ensure they are insured and have positive customer reviews.
  2. Declutter Dirty Dishes and Food Messes: Remove clutter from your home to allow the cleaners to focus on their primary task: cleaning.
  3. Secure Valuables: Put away valuable items and important documents safely.
  4. Pet Arrangements: If you have pets, ensure they are secured and won’t obstruct the cleaning process.
  5. Communication: Clearly communicate your needs and special requests to the cleaning service.
  6. Manage Expectations: Understand the difference between a general house cleaning and a deep clean, and manage your expectations accordingly.

Each of these steps is crucial in ensuring a seamless cleaning process. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for a House Cleaner

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Step 1: Research Your Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning service should be reliable and trustworthy. Before hiring, it’s essential to do thorough research. Check customer reviews and validate whether the service is insured to avoid any unexpected complications.

Step 2: Declutter Your Home

A common misconception is that house cleaners will organize your clutter. However, their primary task is cleaning, not organization.

Therefore, it’s important to declutter your home before the house cleaner arrives and ensure that you know proper house cleaner etiquette before hiring a professional house cleaner. The cleaning lady will thank you later!

Clear away toys, paperwork, clothing, and any other items cluttering your surfaces to align with the cleaning schedule. This will allow the house cleaner to focus on deep cleaning rather than wasting time figuring out where to put your belongings.

Step 3: Secure Personal Belongings and Important Documents

It’s a good practice to secure all personal belongings and important documents before the house cleaner arrives.

This includes jewelry, electronic gadgets, and sensitive paperwork. Not only does this safeguard your possessions, but it also prevents any misplacement during the cleaning process.

Step 4: Pet Arrangements

If you have pets, ensure they are secured and won’t obstruct the cleaning process. Some pets might get anxious or excited around strangers, causing unnecessary distractions or potential hazards.

Arranging for your pets to be in a separate room or outside the house during the cleaning can prevent such issues. This will make the job of a house cleaner much easier.

Step 5: Communication is Key

Clear communication with your cleaning service is essential. If there are specific areas in your home that require extra attention or certain items that need special care, make sure to communicate these details to your cleaning service beforehand.

This will enable them to prepare adequately and meet your expectations.

Step 6: Manage Expectations

It’s important to understand the difference between a general house cleaning and a deep clean. A general cleaning covers basic tasks like vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and mopping, while a deep clean includes tasks like scrubbing grout, washing windows, and cleaning under appliances.

If you have any additional tasks in mind, communicate them to your cleaning service and be prepared for any additional charges.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process. But remember, house cleaners are professionals who are there to help. So, don’t stress too much about the state of your home before they arrive – their job is to make it clean and tidy!

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips:

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Here are the most important tips to know before you hire house cleaners:

How do I prepare my house for house cleaning?

When the clean-up team arrives, remove any unnecessary materials to allow us to clean the kitchen sink, clothing, and children’s toys quickly. Find your pet’s safest place during the cleaning.

Should you leave the house when the house cleaners arrives?

That’s totally up to your choice. If you are uncomfortable having another person at your house when there are no others around, it should be okay for you. The cleaner would appreciate that, as long as the children and family don’t have to stop them. However, do you really want to escape from your house?

How do I prepare for a professional house cleaner?

Clear surfaces; remove all furniture from the countertop. Protect your precious possessions: Protect all important documents and jewelry for safe use during cleaning and storage. Keep the personal stuff out of the way.


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Preparing for a cleaning company doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little organization and communication, you can ensure that your cleaning service can do their job effectively, leaving your home sparkling clean.

At E.C. House Cleaning, we believe in providing high-quality services tailored to your needs. If you’re ready to experience a spotless and inviting environment or have more questions about how to prepare for a house cleaner, reach out to us today!

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